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Led headlights Chrome version for G class with or without level control

Led headlights in chrome version for G class with or without level control. These waterproof headlights with polyurethane front give an extreme white light thanks to the cree ledship. At low beam 3000Lm and high beam 4500Lm.

Lifespan 80 000 hours, so very reliable! Equipped with a built-in white ring LED for the stand light function and a built-in orange ring LED for extra orange marker in the headlight! Connection via the standard H4 fitteng , only for the stand light an extra clamp needs to be used. If you also want to use the orange indicator, you need to branch a wire from the indicator at the top of the fender. Not connecting gives no problems.

This kit is provided to install the LEDs in your G WITHOUT drilling. The only condition is that the existing headlights are mounted with a metal bracket (see pictures). For a few years they originally used on the G270 and the G400 plastic, this doesn't work. Mail us for a solution.

Also your level control of your headlights can continue to work here. With G without level control, just put a bolt through it.

The headlights have E-inspection. Installation on your car is on your own responsibility. Already many 4x4 vehicles drive with this type of headlights on their car.


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