290 GD Dutch Army


Advertising car 11. € 19 999 excl 24 198 incl

Magnificent 290GD light cargo, straight from the army! € 19 999 excl. € 24 198 incl. 75 000 original, provable km's, so nowhere to find a G with such low mileage for sale for a normal price. 1° registration 09/1994 Permitted towing weight 2770 Kg ! Car has a rust-free bodywork, has never been repainted anywhere, also not repainted in the "terre" below. Unwelded bodywork; everything in original paintwork. So no hidden rust! Pure honest car. Everything about brakes is new : new pipes, flexibles, brake linings, calipers and brake pumps, everything original Mercedes. Also all fixed fuel lines renewed. New original Mercedes Oris tow bar;  New interior window frame and window and seals, all original Mercedes. New windscreen with solar glare.  Younger G class leather seats with lumbar supports fitted, to increase driving comfort. All oils and filters renewed, so boarding-ready car !

Many army-derived G Classes are converted onto any chassis from a 250Gd or a 290GD; so basically converted from chassis no. This one is not, of course.

95hp 5 cylinder powerful and indestructible engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox, so motorway driving is no problem. 

Car is inspected for sale, Belgian or German onboard documents according to your choice.


Radio with MP3 , bluetooth etc. 12 Volt chips for GPS and mobile phone etc. GPS km counter, so if you change tyre size, this counter will continue to indicate the correct speed. Moreover, the indicated speed is the effective speed, so it is always correct, which comes in handy with speed cameras etc. these days.

If you find the car slightly out of your budget, we still have similar military Gs for sale, with some work on them. Don't ask for prices or pictures of these, come and see!!! Don't like this military green colour, wrapping this car costs from €3300 in the colour of your liking.

Please do not come and look if:

You don't have room for it You need to sell another car first Your partner / wife does not know yet You do not have the financial resources You hope to haggle extensively over the price You hope to have another car taken over by me.

Please do come and see me if :

You want a correct G with very few miles on it You are looking for a G class that has been tested and is ready to drive But above all : if you want to buy a clean, honest, trouble-free G class!


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