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  • Oil info

    What, where and when to maintain?

    Which oils and where and when :

  • Silicon DOT 5
    silicone olie dot 5

    Silicone remolie=> extra uitleg en ombouw

    Silicone brake fluid DOT 5, how and what ?

  • Vooras
    pong voor

    Adjusting the front axle

    Info about disassembly & assembly of the front axle bearings.

    Important tightening data:

  • Afstel geg versnellingsbak

    Adjusting the gearbox shift rods

    Over the years, all the rubbers of the gearbox controls and of the gear lever wear out.

  • Hoekverdraaiing koppen

    Cardan shaft / drive shaft

    That a cardan axle (= drive shaft)should have no play seems logical to me.

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