Adjusting the gearbox shift rods

Over the years, all the rubbers of the gearbox controls and of the gear lever wear out. Also the rubber that fixes the gearbox to the crossbeam that is fixed to the chassis needs to be replaced.

All these rubbers can of course be ordered here on page.  >> webshop G parts<< and then select "mechanical parts". Thank you for your order.

After replacement, the shift rods need to be readjusted. This is to correct bad or no shifting.

This all needs to be done with a blockage shaft that is placed in the gear lever that is in neutral position. Mercedes states that for a W460 and W461, the blockage shaft should be 6 mm. For a W463 Mercedes says 5.9 mm. Personally I always use a metal drill of 5.5 mm. After all, after all those years the gear lever has some unavoidable wear, and so it won't come down to that 0.4 / 0.5 mm in my opinion, but again, this is a personal opinion.

Procedure :

1) Fasten the blockers in the shifter, which is in neutral. Dia axis , see above.

2) Loosen the locknut.

3) Loosen the shift rod and turn the end piece ( no. 3), until the pin can be inserted without tension.

4) Tighten the locknut ( no. 2) and secure the shift rod.

5) Remove the blocking shaft.

6) Check the operation of the switch.

Good luck!

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