• Return of goods

    Detail about terms and conditions : see general terms and conditions :

    Brief not complete description :

    Goods purchased privately (without VAT number) and shipped and/or paid within Europe have a right of return of 14 days after receipt of the goods. If you want to return something, please use our return form . Returning the goods is done by registered mail and at your expense. Unregistered shipments will not be refunded. The shipping costs will also be refunded if the complete package of goods is returned. When returning parts of an initial order, no shipping costs will be refunded. Goods must be returned in their original packaging, with all accessories and without traces of wear and tear. In case of scratches / shortened wiring / adhesive or fastening traces and other damage etc will be refunded between 50% and 10%.

    In case of a correct return we will refund the amount due within 14 days after receipt of the goods. (In holiday periods this may take some time longer)

  • Use of our products on public roads and/or technical inspection

    Legally, you may not make any modification or rejuvenation to your car or rebuild your vehicle without written permission and re-homologation of your vehicle. All products in our webshop, even with E-approval, do not give any warranty or automatic approval for use on public roads or an automatic approval for the technical vehicle inspection. All modifications are done at your risk and under your full responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any product. All products are in principle only for use on private property and may only be used by the buyer of the product. They must not be visible on or from the public road.

  • Contact and accessibility

    We are open by appointment only. Coming by without an appointment is therefore pointless.

    To make an appointment please use the contact form.

    By phone preferably after 18H , on Saturday after 10H , Sunday in the afternoon. In holiday periods sometimes reachable.

    Our location : is located at 8700 Tielt. This is located in the triangle Bruges <-> Ghent <-> Courtrai; 1 hour drive from Antwerp; or

    1 hour drive from Ostend (Belgian coast).

    Exit 11, Aalter along the E40, -> 13 km follow the road, and you are with us. Only after an appointment!

  • Installation services of products

    Not possible

  • Swiss Army Puch 230GE W461?

    I drive myself with a Swiss army Puch 230 GE which has been converted to Pick-up. These are very nice cars to drive. Usually they have a low mileage on sale and are always well maintained on the bearing base. The engine is a M102 2300cc KE-Jetronic gasoline injection. I've always had a passion for the KE petrol injection and that's why you can also come to me for parts, troubleshooting and repairs. A number of parts in the webshop have been specifically made for use and/or comfort enhancement in these Puchs.

  • What's the difference between a Mercedes G and a Puch G?

    Actually, little or nothing. Only the chassisnumber of a Puch starts with VAG ... 461 and the name Puch refers to the factory where all G-classes are built, i.e. Steyer-Magna-Puch in Graz Austria. From 1980 at the launch of the 230G these cars are sold in Austria and Switzerland under the brand name Puch and not under the brand name Mercedes. So they come from the same factory and the Mercedes dealers deliver parts for both types without any problems. Both in driving quality, driving experience and value these cars are identical. However, a Puch as a vehicle is less known as a "brand name", and therefore rarer.

  • Ordering and delivery of large goods

    For ordering and delivery of large goods, which cannot be shipped, we ask you to contact us by mail. We will then provide you with a customized quote and make arrangements for delivery.