5 Deurklinken met dezelfde sleutel

5 Door handles with same key; + 1 spare key.

Ideal to open/close all doors and cases with the same key.

Simple installation. 

Including both rubbers per handle and mounting bolts.  Fits all models and years with locks in the handles.

Please do NOT ask us to supply a matching ignition lock as we cannot do this. 

If you want the handles with the ignition lock, all with the same key, this is the solution:

Go to a Mercedes dealer

*With your passport 

*With the registration certificate of the car.

*If the name on the registration certificate matches the passport and the person who makes the 

order at the dealer, they will order it for you. It will take a while for this to be delivered to you, but the 

big cost / bill you will get. Count in some cases up to £ 800 !!!


5 pcs
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