Km counter € 269 - 00 000

Refurbished km counter

All these counters on this site have been completely overhauled, calibration has been done again, new gears where necessary and new lubrication and therefore work 100% perfect!

Price € 269 each.

But to be sure to return your old counter, the total purchase price is € 569, € 300 will be returned upon receipt of your old broken counter, which has not been opened amateurishly or suffered water damage. The counter does not play any role in the return.

A damaged glass or needle is no problem.  If in doubt, please contact us. Purchase without return is also possible. 

You have a choice of different mileages, so that your counter reading does not deviate too much at replacement. Always useful for your maintenance schedule or when you present your vehicle for technical inspection. 

12 or 24 v, both are identical.

00 000
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