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H4 headlight bulp replacement with our SUPER LEDS !!

Many older G class's are equipped with the standard halogen headlights.

These H4 bulbs give only 1400Lm , which in our modern and busy traffic or on urban roads or in bad weather these days you have really little light intensity.

Therefore we recommend the use of our super-led! You can install these leds without any electrical or mechanical changes to the car or the headlight.

Some technical data:

At low beam 4000Lm at high beam 8000Lm. An almost snow-white light of 6000K that offers a very good contrast with the road.

Based on philips cree led technology that gives the highest efficiency, in this aluminum housing.

Adjustable fitting base, so you can install the LED in exactly the same place as the filament.

PASSIVE cooling, so no cheap fan or unreliable cooling. These LEDs are controlled with a separate drivers (included of course) that have an internal voltage and current regulator so that these LEDs perform optimally without large lost heat output. Moreover, this benefits the lifespan and reliability!

These super-leds are the best you can install !

Once you have driven them in your car; you never want to drive without them at night again!

These super-leds are the very best available.

Again; Once driven with these and you never want to drive without them again at night!

Was the slogan of a famous English car manufacturer  : The quality remains after the price is forgotten ...

LHD and RHD cars

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