OM 617 A ( turbo versie )

Original European 3000 cc 5cyl turbo engines, engine code OM617.952 so NO junk American engines with egr valve and/or electronic diesel pump.

American versions are really not recommended, because of poor maintenance, and always having worked with the harmful egr valve. Moreover, these engines have often run very many miles.

Of the European versions, only 17 000 have been built! These are the perfect engines, which can be built plug & play into a standard 300 gd.

125 pk (92 kW) at 4350 rpm and a torque of 250 Nm at 2400 rpm.

With the exception of adjusting the exhaust pipe and the oil contact, these engines fit directly. The oil sump and oil cooler pipes do not require any modification! You use your old flywheel and clutch from your 300GD engine. NOT the clutch and flywheel version from a passenger car, this is much smaller and lighter and cannot handle the power! Connecting automatic transmissions to these engines is also possible of course.

The advantage of using these engines is their simplicity and their reliability. Especially up to a tuning to +-180 hp these engines are legendary. Moreover, you don't change anything under the bonnet, which normally doesn't give problems on technical inspections. Also your axles and driveline of your G can tolerate these engines very well because of the friendly torque that these engines have.

Count on a minimum diesel consumption of 14 l /100Km.

With another turbo AND intercooler and a tuned pump it is quite easy to get 250hp out of these engines. Target price € 4000

Tuning freaks got up to 500Pk out of this engine, but this does not benefit the life of course.

Only another turbo and intercooler will give +-180Pk with the standard pump.

Target price for this start a € 1800  This is a must!

Know that these engines are old. The very youngest were built in 1985, the oldest date from 1980. It is stupid to install an old engine as it is. All seals are old, so you have to replace them including cylinder head gasket and valve stem rubbers.

Also the diesel pump needs to be adjusted, and of course new injectors and water pump etc. Otherwise there is no point.

I have engines that need a complete overhaul, but also engines that are 100% guaranteed to have done only 200 000 km. Prices start from € 2500 for a fully overhauled engine.

Good engines with ALL seals replaced start from € 5500. Again these are really very good engines with 1 year warranty on everything! Engines will only be sold after you have seen them running on a test stand with radiator connected etc. All so you know what you buy!

Want a cheap OM617 turbo engine? Fine, buy crap elsewhere, but don't contact me. Do you want quality, feel free to contact me.

Do you want even more HP ? Very well. Then buy an OM 606 turbo engine.


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